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We'll be honest, summer 2020 caught us by surprise - closed borders, closed national parks, no tours. No words can describe how sad we are. Hovewer, at the same time we suddenly received so much time to discover more about nomadic culture and to think how we could to improve our tours for the next 2021 year.     


Virtual Tour Into The World of Nomadic Ornaments 


Let’s step into the mysterious world of ancient nomads of Great Steppe through the colorful lines and shapes they left on carpets, clothes & yurts! Let’s try to understand what did they want to tell us and why it was so important for them? Is it still important for us now or it completely lost any meaning in all these thousand years passed by?

During our session we will talk about who was a nomad in Great Steppe of Central Asia, history of nomadic art, we will learn how to read ancient signs on the carpet, and through all this information you will get the deeper understanding of beautiful items nomads left us. We highly recommend to take this tour if you are planning to visit Central Asia (and Kazakhstan especially) in the nearest future so your actual trip would be much more richer and meaningful on many levels.  

At the end together we will cut beautiful Kazakh ornament in just 15 mins! All you need is paper, pencil, liner & scissors! May be Kazakh steppes is far away from you now but with our master-class little part of nomadic world will enter your home

The tour will be held via Zoom by the co-founder of Friendly Tours - Gaukhar Dossova, who will be happy to introduce you to the magical world of Kazakh ornaments. Also it is a great opportunity to meet the team and ask any questions you have about the future travels to Central Asia.

Duration of the tour: 60 mins.

Price: 10 USD per person. 

You will need to prepare:

  • one sheet of paper A4,

  • pencil,

  • liner, 

  • scissors.

You can pay by PayPal, in case if you'd like to do bank transfer please tell us, we'll give you bank details.

If you have any questions regarding the tour, please do not hesitate to ask us:

WhatsApp number: +7 707 15 11 688

Email: friendlymapalmaty@gmail.com

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WhatsApp: +7 707 15 11 688

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