Charyn Canyon

Charyn canyon is one of the most popular day-trips in Almaty region. Its located 195 km east from Almaty, near Chinese boarder. Wanna feel yourself western hero? That’s a right place to try!  

There are different theories about origin of the name “Charyn”. The most popular that “Char” translates from Turk language as “cliff”, another version is that it’s a word for ash tree from Uighur language (there are a lot of Uighur villages around). The canyon is the part of Charyn National Park from 2004. It stretches along Charyn river from south to north for 154 km and has a lot of hidden stunning spots which you never notice from the main road. Fot three years we discover that magical place and I’m sure we’ll find a lot of treasured places there!


History of Charyn Canyon.


Back in time, about 400 million years ago an ancient ocean Paleo-Tethys was splashing its waters on a whole territory of modern Kazakhstan and far away outside. 20 million later the bottom of this ocean had started to rise because of movement of tectonic plates and 300 million years later instead of ancient ocean the Jungar Sea had formed here, which dissappeared in 50 million years and was replac