Charyn Canyon, Kolsai & Kaindy lakes: great hiking and amazingly beautiful lakes

December 18, 2017

 Trip takes 2 days as minimum (better if its a 3-day trip), usually includes visiting Charyn Canyon. So it is 3 hours to Charyn, then 5-6 hours there and around (Valley of Castles is just one of the parts of this canyon, there is a lot more to see), then again 2-2,5 hours to Satty village, with amazing photo-ops on the way. Sometimes road is absolutely awful (closer to the canyon & to Satti village), but this year authorities built a new, very good road from Alasa gorge (near Charyn canyon) to Jalanash village (its on the way and not far from Satti village), so the driving becoming more & more pleasant!


Usually your guest house in Satti village is already waiting for you (arranged from the city by your guide or driver, or you can risk and find guest house at the village), dinner is almost ready, Russian sauna is hot (after day in Charyn Canyon it is a dream place, believe me!), and sometimes even wi-fi is working (but do not expect it)! Just fyi toilets at these simple homes are usually outside, and there are no showers. Staying in a guesthouse despite of all inconviniences is a nice and simple way to see how people live outside of big cities in tiny villages. A