What to pack if you are visiting Kazakhstan at spring

Updated: 6 days ago

Last night before your long awaited trip to the Kazakhstan – quite exciting time! You are flying thousand miles away from your home to meet mysterious nomadic culture, to see vastness in its best meaning, to feel famous hospitality. There are our tips on what better not to forget if you are heading to Kazakhstan at spring.


Ticks vaccine: for sure, during the trip you are going to enjoy amazing views in our numerous national parks and right at this time ticks are waiting for guests and or sure its better to avoid their hospitality. You heard about encephalitis, right? So why not to solve this problem at the beginning and then just to take some supporting actions such as clothes with long sleeves, your pants tucked in socks and anti-ticks spray.

Warm walking shoes: spring weather in Kazakhstan is unpredictable, especially if to compare different regions of our big country. At May it’s possible to have +25 graduses on Celsius with a bright sunshine and a green grass everywhere around or -5 with a lot of snow!

A variety of coats: to finish an exciting topic about a spring weather lets say that it’s better to take a good winter coat (especially if you are visiting Astana and Korgalzhin NP) and a light trench for the south parts of the country.


Phone: Even without a cell connection, your phone with a full battery is a must-have! Almost all cafes and restaurants have a WiFi, and many local companies are offering convenient way of contact – all-mighty whats app! And don’t forget about google maps – unfortunately even in big cities we don’t have English writing of streets so its quite easy to be lost. But be sure to take a paper map from your hotel – its always good to have an ‘insurance’ from turned-off phone.

*Our ‘Friendly Map of Almaty’ is distributed to all big hotels and hostels and its free for all guests of Almaty. We put our contact phone number with whats app inside of the map – so if you have any kind of questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us!

Camera: views you will see during hiking, bird watching or any other activity in national parks are definitely deserve to be captured on camera with a some higher quality than usual smartphone camera has - DSLR, GoPro or film camera – many days after enjoying a tea at your home kitchen you will thank yourself a lot sharing impressive shots with your friends and family.

Earbuds & mp3 player: Kazakhstan is a country of really big distances, usually it takes around 3 hours to reach, for example, Charyn Canyon from Almaty, so its always nice to have your favorite music near!

Adapter: Remember that we use two round holes electricity points, so make sure you take a proper one.


Active outfit: you know this without us, but again its better to take two options – for hot days (+25 is a max) and for unexpected & glorious winter come-back.

A dinner outfit: once you come to any Kazakh city you will be amazed how beautiful and stylish our girls are. Enter in any café and you will be surrounded by beautiful women (but unfortunately this not always refer to men). So, why not to have a city night-out in a beautiful dress or good smoking (or what better for men)

Other useful items.

Protein bars: great for hikings

Sun Hat, sunglasses & sunscreen: sun can be really active at the end of spring

Small knife

Hand sanitizer

Insect bite gel, tweezers, Permethrin spray (ugh – but ticks)

Deck of cards

English-Russian phrase book

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