Experience of cooking true Ferghana Plov with Stalik Khankishiev.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

If to be honest I'm not into cooking, I love to eat but prefer if someone else will do cooking part. However in these quarantine days i found myself in a situation when my basic culinary skills are not accepted by my stomach anymore and desire to cook something more ambitious came to my mind, for example why not to try at least to cook a plov? Famous Uzbek dish I ate thousands of times but never cooked. The name Stalik Khankishiev is the first that comes when I think about authentic recipes of plov. This man is a famous author of numerous culinary books, self-made cook, TV host, blogger and looks like just a great human. Any of his video-recipes are like a short movie about culinary, culture, history, traditions. Like a vitual tour to a country without living your couch. Well, looks like a good time to watch him and to learn something new! Even if you never cook what he shows - I promise you will enjoy watching! I didn't find this exact video with English subtitles, so I did it myself to share it with you - I hope you will like it!


Plov (or pilaf) is a famous Central Asian rice dish, main ingredients are meat (lamb, beef, chicken), onion, carrot and rice. It is considered to be the national dish of Uzbekistan but widely popular in all countries of Central Asia.

Zervak - half-cooked meat stew with onion, carrot, zira and other flavourful ingredients.

Lyagan - plate on which the plov is served.

Devzira - type of Uzbek rice.

Rahmad - "thank you" in Uzbek language

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