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Felt historically played important role in Kazakh culture. For centuries Kazakhs lived in felt tents – yurts, carpets and many closing items were also made from felt. Unsurprisingly, that felt became the main material for many national souvenirs. In Almaty, you can find all sorts of crafts made from felt.

Where to buy a felt souvenir

If you want to buy a small cheap souvenir, then Green bazaar is probably the best place to shop. There you can find good choice of locally made felt souvenirs by the lowest prices. Another good thing about the bazaar is that there, as in any oriental bazaar, you can bargain. However, as the prices are not very high you will only get a little discount. Another thing, please, do not expect anything exclusive or unique there. Most of the souvenirs in the bazaar are mass production. For those who already decided to to go to the bazaar, please bare in mind that it is open from 10-6pm 6 days a week and it is closed on Mondays

If you are interested in something more sophisticated, I would recommend you to visit this place http://aigulline.kz. Their products range from closing items, footwear, accessories to interior items. “Our main goal is to revive the traditional Kazakh crafts, dissemination of best practices using modern technology and design”- says Aigul, the owner of the place. These words fully reflect the concept of their products. I would specially recommend to see their hand crafted carpets and rugs made 100% from natural wool.

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