Almaty in Numbers and facts

Updated: Nov 18

1. The tallest building in Almaty is 36-storey Esentai tower – 167m. To compare, the second tallest building in Almaty is 26-storey hotel Kazakhstan – 102m. All in all, Almaty is a ‘low’ city, where Spiderman will definitely not survive 2. Almaty is believed to have been inhabited as early as 1000 BC. Almaty’s age used to be dated to the establishment of Fort Vernyi in the mid-19th century, but archaeologists have proved that people lived there long before. Experts have shown that Almaty has existed for more than 1,000 years, suffering through at least one devastating earthquake and changing its name three times. The main argument of the historians is a coin on which the phrase “Balad Almaty” is written. The coin dates to the 13th century and, these historians say, shows that at that date there was a monetary system at the place where the modern city is located. 3. Almaty is a financial, media, and transport hub for Central Asia, including a new highway, built in 2017, from Europe to China and passing through Almaty, which is going to be a new Silk way. 4. There are about 125 (!) fountains in Almaty. The first fountain appeared in Almaty in 1948. Since 2005, May 25 is celebrated as the Day of the Fountains – this day at 9 pm all the fountains of Almaty start working. Fountains work from May

25 to October 25, from 10 am to 2 am on a single schedule. 5. Almaty is the leader by number of cars in Kazakhstan. Every 3-d citizen of Almaty has a car. 6. Almaty metro has been building for 23 years and some new stations are still under construction. The first line of the Almaty Metro was opened on 1 December 2011. A 2.9-km, two-station extension of the Metro to Moskva station opened on 18 April 2015. Today, the route’s length is 11.3 km (7.0 mi).It’s the first metro in Kazakhstan and the second in Central Asia after Tashkent metro. 7. Almaty is the most popular tourist destination in Kazakhstan. About 80% of all tourists coming to Kazakhstan come to Almaty. 8. Almaty is the city of parks, squares and green spaces. It is just countless number of them. If you come to Almaty you will see that they are almost everywhere. 9. Medeo is the highest mountain skating rink in the world. Highlands and pure mountain water to make the ice contribute to achieving high performance in speed skating, 170 world records were set here. 10. Medeo Skating rink-This Soviet-era stadium (sometimes also called Medeu) the highest skating rink in the world, sitting 1691 m. sea level. Once the home of frequent speed skating and bandy competitions—more than 120 records were set there.

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