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Rent a car: Lada Kalina


$50 per day

Deposit Policy

When you arrive at the rental location, you will be asked to leave a deposit for your rental. Deposit's amount is 300$, currently we only accept cash.

The deposit will be used for extra charges (e.g. fuel missing at return, extra-day, extra-mileage, one-way charge, etc.) In case if there are no extra-charges deposit will be returned in full amount by card transfer in three days after car is given back in the same condition in which it has been taken. In case if there are any fees (speeding or other breaking of the rules) we extract this sum from your deposit with sending you a payment document from road police with exact amount of fee & the rest of the deposit will be sent on your card.

Damage Management Policy

What will happen if you cause damage to the vehicle during your rental?  


In our experience, our renters drive quite carefully and few accidents happen. So cases of damage to the vehicle are the exception rather than the rule. But it is important to understand how we will manage the 

damage if it does occur. 

If you identify some damage with the our agent or representative when you return the vehicle, than it will be evaluated by an independent expert and charged according to the expert’s report or a cost estimation made by an independent auto-repair garage. 

Rental days are based on 24-hour periods commencing at the time of pick up. Additional day charges will apply if the vehicle is kept longer than specified (additional days begin after a 30-minute grace period and will be billed at the available public rate).


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